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Share your experiences

When we began writing our marriage preparation course we decided we needed a way to get input from people who had been there. We wanted to get information on the kinds of things that people wished that they had known or done before getting married.

Hindsight is always 20/20. But perhaps we can benefit from the marriage advice based on the hindsight of others. It is possible at times to learn from the experience of others, without having to go through it ourselves.

With the success rate of marriages being what it is today (about 50%), we are looking for a variety of ways to give couples the best possible start to their own marriage.

Here is your chance if you are happily or unhappily married and have words of wisdom to share with those who are making decisions about marriage. Please share Your Advice by answering our Before You Marry Advice Survey.

We have surveyed numerous couples; some of them had been together for over thirty years, some for only a few years. Some had been happy, others not so happy. Some of the responses we received were serious and others were a little less so. Click on the links below if you wish to read a collection advice for each question:

Survey Results: Answers to our four questions

1. What would have been of the most benefit to know before you marry?

2. What are three important things to do before getting married?

3. What makes it easier to adjust to marriage?

4. What is your advice for couples planning to get married?