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4. What is your advice for couples planning to get married?

My advice for couples planning to get married is - Don’t.
Ascertain what level of commitment to the Lord each has, follow the commandments and die young.
Make sure you want to be married, pray pray and pray to get a conformation if it is right. Become best friends.
- Marriage can be one of the most beautiful unions on this earth, but you both have to work at your marriage everyday! It isn’t always easy—it is a lot of hard work; but it can be worth it in the end.
- To treat your mate as you would like to be treated—‘The Golden Rule.’
- Be prepared to have disagreements and that it’s okay to disagree but to talk things out. Good communication skills is one of the most important tools for a successful marriage. I had never heard my parents fight or have a disagreement of any kind while I was growing up so that when we were married, I thought our marriage was over the first time we had a disagreement. I know my brother felt the same way.
- Do things together as couples and as a family.
- Attend church together—pray together as a couple and as a family.
- Remind each person that they are to be supportive of each other—that they need to respect each other and daily show their love and appreciation for each other
- Don’t take the other for granted!
Talk about the hard stuff before you get married - kids, how many kids, disciplining kids as in to spank or not to spank, money, who earns it who controls spending it, what are priorities on spending it, retirement, where you will live, would you move for one another if their job required it, sex, religion, politics, in-laws - where will you spend the holidays, pets - do you want them, what kind and how many?