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3. What makes it easier to adjust to marriage?

Communication and flexibility.
Time together without outside interference.
Having the Gospel in your life, and “day dreaming” together about the future. Either that be your dream house or dream job, just sharing it with each other really sets what your goals in life are.
To have married your very best friend and to remember the golden rule.
Stop looking at life from the perspective of what do I get out of this (what’s in it for me) and from the perspective of what can I do to make this relationship work for my spouse. I believe selfishness is central to problems in any relationship.
Don’t cling..we all need our space. Yes..I love you...but I love me too...and I need time with me.
If you each keep your own house.
Maintain your own identity and interests and a separate residence.
Nothing, it really is hard. If you can treat each other like you are dating and be HONEST completely, things will work out. Put each other first. Go on weekly dates for your entire life, even if it is going on a walk, or going out for ice cream. A weekend trip is important for both of you each year, once the kids come.