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Preparing For A Second Marriage

After dealing with divorce, there are many people out there who would absolutely refuse to give marriage another try. Others get married a second time quite soon after their divorce is finalized. For whatever reason, many divorcees end up getting married again. The statistics for these marriages, however, are even bleaker than first marriages; more than sixty percent of people who get married a second time will end up divorced again in the future.

Second Marriage

For some divorcees, marrying after divorce is another chance to make marriage work. Preparing yourself for marriage after divorce is the focus of this article.

What Went Wrong?

Your first marriage didn’t end badly for no reason at all. And, while the fault may rest more heavily on one person’s shoulders than the other, it still took two people to bring the marriage to an end. Hopefully, you have already spent some time reflecting on what went wrong in your first marriage. Make sure that you know what you can do to make sure the same mistakes aren’t repeated once again.

Look Into Your Motivations

Are you getting married because you think you have to be married? Perhaps your former spouse has already remarried. These are not good reasons to get married and they will ultimately make things worse for you down the line. Love for the person you are about to marry should be the primary motivation and nothing else. If you have any other ulterior motives for getting married a second time, that should be considered a red flag and should be dealt with accordingly.

Discuss Expectations with Your Future Spouse

Often, people view divorcees as though they are some sort of failure; they were evidently unable to keep a marriage together, so something must be wrong with them. Actually, the root of this problem more than likely stems from the fact that the couple in the previous marriage weren’t on the same page before they got involved. Talk about your expectations and philosophies related to marriage before you get married a second time to be sure that you see eye-to-eye on the important issues.

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