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About the Authors

A little about us. Marriage Prep Beginnings was created by Susan Derry and Dallas Munkholm. After years of counselling couples, we decided it might be more fun to work with couples closer to the beginning of their relationship. We created Marriage Prep Beginnings as a part of that focus. We are both Registered Therapeutic Counsellors and Master Therapeutic Counsellors, with more than 15 years experience counselling couples. Coincidentally, each of us has been happily married, to our respective partners, for over 35 years. In our counselling practices, we have counselled with many couples experiencing marriage difficulties. Unfortunately too often couples wait until they have reached the point of no return before seeking help with their marriage. We like the preventative approach much better. We hope that you will value each other and your future relationship enough to be willing to invest some time and effort in preparing for your life together. Taking the time now, to build your relationship skills and learn what is required for you to have a successful relationship, will help you build a satisfying future together.

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