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1. What would have been of the most benefit to know before you marry?

I’m not sure, only that there will be challenges and that if you pull together through them, life is just so much sweeter.
Although it is hard to know everything about oneself, let alone another human being. A better understanding of personalities would of helped me. Expectations of what they want in a mate as well.
How much hard work it REALLY is, every buddy says that but you don’t fully understand it until you are in the marriage with a few children.
How much divorce lawyers cost and how to load a gun.
How reflective the son-mother relationship is of how you will be treated.
We dated 8 months and were best friends, so we knew a lot of personal information, and have kept up the constant talking, so we are still best friends. Talk a lot!! Communicate!
Should have gotten to know his family better so I would have been aware of how his parents treated each other and also would have liked to know that several of his uncles/brother were alcoholics.
That it is not only okay, but important for you to be your own person and stay an individual. Each of you having friends of your own is good for a healthy marriage.