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4. What advice would you give couples planning to get married?

Have kids when you’ve really thought it through. One parent should stay home and raise the kids. Don’t tell me you can’t afford it. If you are making more than minimum wage you can afford it. It all boils down to priority. And don’t tell me that day cares are quality child care and your kid will be fine. No one, NO ONE, loves your child the way you do. No one, NO ONE has your child’s best interests at heart the way you do. No one, NO ONE is wanted more by your child than YOU!
Find mentors...whether officially or unofficially. Choose mature, wiser, knowledgeable people whom you can admire and follow their examples, learn from their mistakes, listen to their guidance - whether it is about your marriage relationship, spending of money, raising of kids, etc.
Have fun, and work through any major concerns before you get married. It’s no easier to compromise after marriage, as then you have in-laws and family and friends all offering advice and pushing their ideas. If you learn to work together and compromise to make decisions before then, then you’ll have a big advantage once you are married.
Be patient, always speak kind words to each other as years later they can still sting, listen to your partner, never go to bed angry with each other, and one that I find important is always give a kiss and hug goodbye or hello!
Pray, pray pray and try to listen to both your head and your heart.