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Still More Responses to:

3. What makes it easier to adjust to marriage?

Alcohol and drugs....no just kidding!! Spending time with other married couples. You’ll soon realize that you’ve got it good at home, or that you’re normal, or that sheeesh you really need to get rid of your bum of a mate. Take time for yourself, time together, and time with others. Balance, balance, balance.
Find a man (since I’m female) who believes in equal rights for women. A man who recognizes that he has just as much responsibility to the marriage, or family as you do. If he treats you as a lesser being...dump his sorry behind....he’s not gonna change!! A man who values...truly values the “feminine” will make marriage much easier to adjust to because you won’t always be fighting an uphill battle.
Spend time together having fun.
Communication...listen with your heart not just your ears!
Some family support (but not interference). Time spent with each other’s families helps you understand “quirks” :) and cultures.