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2. What are three important things to do before getting married?

Have a holiday together away from family, just the 2 of you...a good test as to whether or not you are compatible travellers
Let him cook you dinner....see if he really can or if he just claims to love to cook
Set the ground rules on family visits.... a key or need to knock?
Get JOINT accounts
1. Fast 2. Pray and 3. Listen for the answer on whether or not you are to marry that person.
Three important things to do before getting married are get as much education as possible, try to have a savings account that can be used in emergencies or tough times, and make sure you have a solid spiritual foundation of you own.
The first important thing to do before you get married is to make sure his religious beliefs are the same as yours. The second important item would be to discuss both families dynamics. Some individuals think once they marry you then you will never want to visit your family again. Men and women need to know once married both families become part of your life. Third important thing to discuss is the finances. Joint accounts with both parties budgeting and discussing where money should and should not be spent.