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Still More Responses to:

2. What are three important things to do before getting married?

Get yourself as taken care of as possible, get rid of your problems from youth and start fresh with your partner to change/be a pioneer and stop old dysfunctional attitudes if they are in your youth.
Be spiritually grounded, do what you need to be strong and ready to teach a family.
Be prepared to forgive, communicate on a strong and assertive level as well as be teachable so you can change things that maybe your partner will ask of you.
1) Become best friends - honest best friends.
2) Get spiritual matters in order - be certain that you are on the same page.
3) Get rid of the baggage.
1. You need to talk about finances and who will take care of the household finances, spending and savings, after you council together.
2. You need to discuss and agree on children, how many, will momma be working or can she make some extra money at home.
3. You need to discuss your commitment to God and how you will serve him when you are asked.
1) Make sure you have set in place and achieved goals for your own self and who you are. Get an education. Make sure your life is going in the direction you want it to go, don’t give up yourself, your potential, just to be with another human being. Your relationship should compliment each other, not one losing out.
2) Get proper marriage counselling, from someone who knows what they are doing!!! Find someone who does in depth counselling over the period of a few weeks. Do this early before you pay for the dress, the hall, caterer, etc...so that you can cancel if you realize you aren’t ready.
3) Live on your own away from parents. Experience some of what life has to offer. Mature a bit.
4) Get a background check on your future mate!
Agree on how to handle finances Agree on when to have kids Agree on where to live or any other major decision
1. learn how to fight fair!
2. learn all you can about each others families and beliefs
3. discuss money, who’s paying the bills, if kids come along who will stay home if either.
Talk honestly about finances, children and faith/religion.