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2. What are three important things to do before marriage?

Make sure you both are honest with each other in all aspects, and make sure you both have the same religious beliefs and financial desires.
This one offer more that three suggestions:

Really get to know his/her family and how he/she interacts with family, friends.
Have fun
Get an education
Talk about your goals as a couple/family; make sure your mate wants to have children if you do, etc.
You need to decide how the children will be raised before they come along.
Religion can be an issue if each partner is of a different religion.
Discuss how you will handle finances
Live on your own. Have a job and earn/spend your own money. Travel with a friend.
Take a class in learning to negotiate, resolve problems, effective communication Discuss financial matters, habits, expectations Take a parenting class together
Take some preparation classes to learn how to disagree appropriately, communicate, etc. Take some fun classes together (his hobby, her hobby). Talk, talk, talk about everything you expect from a marriage and a spouse (children, financial situation, will she work after marriage, dividing time between the in-laws, etc.).