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1. What would you have liked to have known before you got married?

How to analyze trouble spots in a relationship. The son-mother connection is important. Whether he treats you with contempt at any point. Does he treat you with the utmost respect. Can he make you laugh. How to communicate effectively to resolve issues.
Speaking from a woman’s point of view: How he was raised, what his relationship is with his mother, father and family (but particularly mother). Whether he has a “past” and what issues there might be from that past (garbage/baggage)
That committment, communication and REALISTIC expectations are key to having a marriage succeed. But that you don’t always have to do stuff together. For instance, before marriage, I was Lisa the Person. Once married, I became Lisa the Wife. It’s a new role with responsibilities, but in order for me to remain mentally healthy, I still needed time for Lisa the Person. Once married, not everything has to be done together.
I would like to have seen him in a tense situation to see how he handles himself (can he keep his cool or does he fly off the handle?)
More knowledge on how to synchronize as a couple in raising children. (but you learn as you go too...)