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Division of Responsibility

Division of Responsibilitydirtylaundry1

A frequent bone of contention for couples is the perceived unfairness of the division of responsibility. The following is a simple self-monitoring form to help you keep track of the time you spend on household responsibilities and to estimate the amount of time your partner spends on these responsibilities. When you each do this and compare results you can end up with some interesting insights.

The goal is not to start a fight. The goal is to gather information, be open minded and look for ways to either make the division of responsibilities more fair, or to see it more accurately.

Self Monitoring Chart

Responsibility Your Time Spent/Week Estimate of Partner's Time/Week
Working outside the home
Preparing Food
Doing Laundry
Cleaning House
Shopping for Food & Necessities
Budgeting & Paying Bills
Caring for Children
Helping Children with Homework
Taking Children to Activities
Household Repairs
Home Improvements
Repairing the Car
Financial/Legal Matters
Caring for Parents or In-Laws
Organizing Vacations
Shopping for Gifts
Feel free to add your own