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Build Traditions

The idea of developing traditions may sound stuffy and old fashioned, but they can be fun as well. It is up to you to chose traditions that you can enjoy together as a couple. Traditions are all about creating lasting and happy memories, so have fun with creating your own traditions. Choose from our list of ideas or create your own:

  • Always say good-bye with a kiss.
  • Take turns planning a date once a week.
  • Take a bi-yearly holiday, just the two of you.
  • Always greet each other with a hug.
  • Create a word or sign that says, “I love you.”—make it something that is your secret.
  • Have mealtime at the table. Talk and share.
  • Do gardening or yard work together.
  • Once a month have a clean the house morning, followed by a laze in bed and talk afternoon.
  • Have a special rendezvous for lunch.
  • Cook special meals together.

What you choose to do is up to you. What you choose to do is not nearly as important as the opportunity you create for strengthening your bonds of love. So create happy traditions, things that you do over and over again that say I love you and I love spending time with you.