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4. What is your advice for couples planning to get married?

Prenuptial agreement...I don’t care what your preacher, granny, or anyone else says about trust and love - you take care of the business end of marriage. And women especially, this is hard ball, you make sure that you get your fair share in these documents and cover all the bases...I don’t care how much you love your sweetheart...think about yourself during these negotiations. You can be all lovey dovey after the documents are signed.
Get an education. Don’t leave it up to the man to provide. Have a backup plan for the sake of yourself and your future children and especially as an example to future daughters.
Don’t live with your parents...no matter how cheap it is.
Don’t live beyond your means. Don’t live on credit cards and overdraft. Outside of house, car and major appliances...if you don’t have the cash...you don’t buy it. Live on what you earn. Down size if necessary. It’s amazing what you can live without. Do you really want to be paying on a house for 75 years?