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4. What advice would you give couples planning to get married?

Pray as a couple. Advice to someone getting married - make sure you have good communication skills and can really talk about things.
Know your soon to be in-laws because your spouse will probably become like that, go into marriage with your eyes wide open and after marriage go through with your eyes partly shut. Meaning to let go of the things that “bug” you and give your partner 100% of yourself, withholding nothing. Compliment your partner, tell him what you appreciate, what you like, understand his love language and know what yours is and share it. Talk lots and communicate in “I” statements not accusatory statements.
Remember to always always love and respect one another. When respect leaves, so does love. He is not going to be perfect, and I have news for you, neither is she. But, together you can be perfect. Expect the best, give the best and you will get the best.
Do all the above and be committed, to God and to each other.
Think....use your head and not your heart when making these decisions for your future. Don’t be childish and operate on emotions and butterflies in your stomach. I realize that marriage isn’t necessarily forever and you can divorce if things go ugly...but remember most couples bring children into the world. Do you really want to enter a marriage with someone you don’t thoroughly know, find out after you’ve got 3 kids that he is a bum, and then you’ve helped mess up three more kids in this world!!?? Slow down and really think about this.
If I had any good advice I would probably still be married.