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4. What is your advice for couples planning to get married?

Take time for yourself. Make certain that the person you are marrying is diligent and spiritually committed, they will probably be highly dedicated in other areas of their lives. have a great sense of humor. You’re going to need it. The sex gets old fast.
Talk, talk, talk. Decided what is important - what needs to be common ground (examples could be how to raise the children, religion - or not, education, will the woman work after children, what lifestyle you expect to live, etc.) and what you can live with.
Well, for one thing, I think it took us about a year to feel adjusted to living together. Also, talk about your dreams together. And for the wedding day, if money is ok, make sure there will be no regrets (if the bride has always dreamed she would have something in particular, just do it!)
MAKE SURE! You need to be more than just in love... you need to want the same things out of life and have the same direction. Similar interests are important but not critical. Keep financial matters to yourselves as a couple, it’s no one else’s business.....
Never go to sleep at night mad at each other.