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Top Twelve Questions To Ask Before Marriage

12. How do you feel about being married for fifty years?

Discussing this question will give you some idea how you both feel about the durability of relationships. If you plan to be together for fifty years your will have a much greater chance of getting there.

This question leads nicely to the topic of what exactly is it that creates lasting relationships. Exploring your belief and ideas on this topic may help you develop a mind set that gets you past the inevitable rough spots that show up in marriage. Having an idea or a plan that you are going to be together for the long haul will have you searching for solutions to problems rather than looking for escape routes when things get interesting.

If you find yourself or your fiancé hedging or not wanting to answer this question, you may want to consider why it is that you or s/he do not see your relationship lasting. Chances are there are some underlying beliefs and attitudes that are going to create problems for your marriage.